Certified Boxing Gloves

Certified Boxing Gloves

Mar 11, 2023Wicked Boxing

After boxing gloves have been tested and approved by a regulatory body or organization to ensure they meet certain safety and performance standards for use in boxing competitions or training, they are called certified boxing gloves. 

There are several organizations that certify boxing gloves, including the International Boxing Association (AIBA) and the World Boxing Council (WBC). Gloves that are certified by these organizations are typically labeled with their logo or certification mark, indicating that they have passed the required tests and are approved for use in competition. 

Certification tests may include measuring the padding thickness and density, testing the glove's weight and balance, and evaluating the glove's impact resistance and durability. Gloves may also be subject to additional testing for specific features, such as ventilation or wrist support. 

Keep in mind that using certified boxing gloves is a requirement in official competition fights to provide extra safety for the boxers, as well as to ensure fair and consistent performance in competition. But in day-to-day training and sparring purposes, any regular standard boxing gloves can be used as they all provide enough padding and safety features. In other words, non-certified boxing gloves follow the same standards and provides more or less the same features as the certified ones, but they have not undergone official regulatory process of getting certified. So, there is not need to worry about certified and non-certified boxing gloves when it comes to regular boxing training and sparring.  

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