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How to Choose the Right Martial Art

Dec 31, 2022Wicked Boxing

When someone decides to learn martial arts, it might be hard for him/her to choose from a vast number of different martial arts styles. However, if he/she knows the philosophy behind of all types of martial arts and understands the main objective of practicing martial arts and then has a basic knowledge of how each style approaches to achieve that goal, it would become much easier to choose the right one. 

The True Essence of Martial Arts 

There are lots of discussions around the topic; some of them are pure theories and imaginations, while some others have historical or experimental proofs.   

While some people link martial arts, or some styles of martial arts, to religion and introduce their procedures as a type of honor or worship to an honorable or worthy of worship identity, some people see martial arts as methods of becoming and remaining healthy and powerful, and some other emphasizes on just being techniques of self-defense and fighting. Although all different reasonings about the main purpose of martial arts can have some level of truth, most martial arts’ pioneers and practitioners teach and practice martial arts as procedures of self-defense and fighting. Therefore, we can argue that the main objective of learning and practicing martial arts is to know and be ready how to defend yourself against an aggressor. In other words, all types of martial arts try to answer the question of “how one can successfully defend oneself against attack by a bigger, stronger, and aggressive opponent”. 

What to Choose 

After knowing the essence of martial arts which is the art (techniques and procedures) of self-defense against a potential strong opponent(s), you look through the rules and techniques of each style and pick up the one which best satisfies your requirements or wishes. For example, if you want to be a bit aggressive in a combat situation, or you want to defeat your opponent without letting him reach you, you might have to choose martial arts styles that focuses mainly on striking by punches, fists, kicks, elbows, and …, like Taekwondo, Karate, and Kick Boxing which are the most popular ones. If you are a type of person than takes the fight to the ground as soon as you get involved, go with those martial arts styles that focuses mostly on grappling, locking, and mounting; such Jiu Jitsu and Brazilain Jiu Jitsu more specifically. If you want a combination of both, Judo is the best choice. Finally, if you want a flavor of all types of martial arts combined, get some MMA lessons. 

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