Popular Ventura County Boxing/Marial Arts Gyms

Popular Ventura County Boxing/Marial Arts Gyms

Jun 12, 2023Wicked Boxing

We have compiled a short list of some of the popular martial arts gyms in Ventura County.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but it highlights some of the options available for training in the various martial arts.

MV Boxing:  Located in Ventura. Offering group and private training sessions for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, led by Coach Manolo and Coach Randy, this gym excels in providing specialized attention to beginners, enabling them to quickly grasp fundamental techniques and make significant progress. Whether you're a child, youth, or adult, our inclusive and supportive environment ensures that you receive the guidance and motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Address: 6067 Olivas Park Drive, Suite E Ventura, CA 93003  
Phone: 805-954-9006  

Website: mvboxingfit.com

Hiit FitnessHigh Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise strategy that was once exclusive to elite athletes and top-tier boxers. Hiit now brings this transformative workout technique to the public and the world of boxing. This gym has seamlessly integrated HIIT and boxing, offering a unique and exhilarating experience for newcomers who are eager to take their fitness journey to extraordinary heights. By combining the intensity and effectiveness of HIIT with the discipline and skill of boxing, they provide a powerful platform for individuals to push their limits and achieve remarkable results. 

Address: 1371 Del Norte Rd Camarillo, CA 93010  
Phone: 805-702-7070 
Website: hiitfitnessbox.com

Danny Garcia Boxing Academy: Founded by world renowned coach Danny Garcia this gym has gained significant recognition for producing world-class fighters.  

Address: 2001 Williams Dr Suite 402, Oxnard, CA 93036  
Website: instagram.com/dannygarciaboxing

Twins Boxing: A nonprofit boxing club whose mission is to impact the lives of local youth and provide a road map for success in their lives. Managed and run by Coach Jose and other well-experienced trainers, this gym is home for many kids and youths who cannot afford the more expensive boxing gyms.   

Address: 121 Cooper Rd, Oxnard, CA 93030 
Website: twinssports.com

Extreme Boxing School: Located in Santa Paula, is a well-equipped boxing gym with experienced trainers. The gym provides training and boxing sessions for trainees of all ages.  

Address: 957 Faulkner Rd, Ste 211, Santa Paula, CA, United States, 93060 
Phone: 805-279-0740 
Website: instagram.com/extremeboxingsp

Knuckleheadz Boxing Gym: Located in Ventura. It is owned and operated by Joseph ‘Hoss’ Janik, a professional boxing trainer with over 30 years of experience. After a decorated amateur boxing career, Coach Hoss found his calling on the other side of the ropes. He has slowly become one of the sport’s most respected trainers, with two world champions having come out of his gym while being home to several other world class boxers and MMA fighters.

Address: 3029 East Main Street Ventura, CA 93003 
Phone: 805-676-0133 
Website: knuckleheadz-boxing.square.site

Pu’u Muay Thai Ventura: Managed and run by Coach Jonathan Puu, Pu’u Muay Thai is a martial arts academy specializing in the art of Muay Thai, a martial art originating from Thailand. Muay Thai is the only martial art developed during war time, which makes it pretty effective for self-defense, not to mention providing an awesome workout. This gym is known for creating champions, getting people into awesome shape, and a providing a productive training environment for people of all ages. They run children, kids, teens and adult programs ranging in ages 3 & above.

Address: 2090 E Main St Ventura, CA 93001
Phone: 805-665-3311
Website: muaythaiventura.com

Corona Muay Thai Academy: Managed and run by Coach Roy with 30 years martial artist training, fighting, coaching, corner man and fight team manager, former Muay Thai competitor and experienced striking, who is dedicated to bring the best out of anyone. From training in the best and most famous camps in Thailand and learning from some of the best fighters in the world, there is no doubt that any student will always be provided with the proper guidance.  

Address: 1330 Flynn Road, STE A, Camarillo, Ca 93012 
Phone: 818-850-6517 
Website: coronamuaythai.com

Progressive Martial Arts: Offers training in both martial arts & self-defense from beginner level to those interested in competing in kickboxing, grappling or mixed martial arts.  They boast of an impressive coach lineup including Ben Clancy, Mark “The Menace” Young and Sunny “Savage Guru” Kumar.

Address: 2485 E Main St Ventura, CA 93003 
Phone: 805-626-0151 
Website: progressivemartialartsventura.com

UFC Gym Oxnard: This popular is home to many convenient amenities such as Recovery, Youth Gym, Turf, and Personal Training. Typical club amenities include a bag rack, indoor turf, mat area, free weights, and essential cardio and weight equipment.  They have training in Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Boxing etc.  Train Different at UFC GYM Oxnard. Whether it's general fitness, personal training, group classes, kickboxing conditioning, or mixed martial arts, you belong at UFC GYM with a community that is shaped to push you forward, no matter your age or athletic ability.

Address: 451 W Esplanade Dr. Oxnard, CA 93036 
Phone: 805-900-4832
Website: ufcgym.com/locations/oxnard

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