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Types of Punching Bags

Jan 28, 2023Wicked Boxing

Heavy bags  

Heavy bags are a type of training equipment used in boxing, martial arts, and other combat sports. They are typically filled with materials such as sand, water, shredded cloths, saw dust, or foam, and hanged from a ceiling, wall mount, or heavy-duty stand. They are used to improve strength, power, and endurance by allowing the user to strike and punch the bag repeatedly. They also help improve techniques and accuracy by allowing the user to practice various strikes combinations and are also a good choice for full-body workouts.  

Although the name implies that they should be huge and heavy, that is not always the case; There is no fixed size or weight for heavy bags: they can weigh from 80 lbs – 500 lbs and can be within the range of 4 – 6 feet tall. 

Speed bags 

A speed bag is a small, inflatable bag that hangs from a platform and is used for boxing or martial arts training. The bag is struck repeatedly with gloves, improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and endurance in the shoulders, arms, and wrists. Speed bags come in different sizes and shapes and can be made of different materials such as leather or synthetic materials. 

Double end bags 

Double end bags, also known as double end striking bags, are a type of training equipment used in boxing and martial arts. They are typically small, cylindrical bags that are suspended with two cords attached to both ends. The bags are designed to swing back and forth when struck, allowing the user to practice their punching technique and hand-eye coordination. Double end bags are often used by boxers and martial artists to improve their speed, power, and timing. 

Uppercut (Angle) bags 

This type of punching bag is used in boxing and other combat sports that have punching. Unlike traditional heavy bags which have the same dimension and hit surface from top to bottom, the uppercut bags are designed to have wider upper side and narrower lower side with little bit of curve in between to make them more suitable for uppercut punches. They can also be used to practice other punches such as hooks and crosses. Uppercut bags can be filled with various materials such as sand, water, and shredded cloth and can be swung from the ceiling or mounted on a stand. They are often used to improve power, technique, and accuracy in uppercut punches. 

Wrecking Ball Bags 

A wrecking ball punching bag is a type of heavy bag that is designed to simulate the movement and impact of a real wrecking ball. It is typically made of durable materials such as leather or synthetic leather and filled with a heavy material such as sand or water. The bag hangs from a chain or rope, allowing it to swing and move during use. These bags are often used in boxing and MMA training to develop power, endurance, and accuracy in striking 

Freestanding bags 

Freestanding bags refer to bags that stand upright on their own, typically due to a flat bottom or some other form of structure like a base that can be filled with water or sand to keep the bag stable while it is being used. They are commonly used in martial arts and boxing training, as they allow for a greater range of motion and flexibility in the types of strikes and movements that can be practiced. They come in various sizes, materials, and shapes and can be adjusted to different heights to suit users of different sizes. 


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