Wicked Boxing

Basic Trainers


Our Basic training gloves are crafted from premium-grade PU leather, designed for durability and intense training. The breathable design features ventilation holes to keep your hands cool and dry during tough sessions. They feature:

  • Premium-grade PU leather construction for durability
  • Breathable design with ventilation holes
  • Multi-layered construction for impact absorption including a high-density outer layer, eco-friendly sponge middle layer, and pearl cotton inner layer
  • Versatility across martial arts disciplines like Karate, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing, offering exceptional force impact absorption
  • Cushioned wrist strap and secure Velcro closure for ultimate wrist support and stability, preventing strain and enhancing technique and power

Reliable and durable, our synthetic boxing gloves are ideal for sparring, bag work, and various martial arts disciplines. Order today and elevate your training experience!